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1st Norway Pumps & Pipes Conference

October 17-18, 2018, Stavanger Norway. Call for abstracts: June 20

We are delighted to invite you to this very first Norway Pumps & Pipes Conference!

Conference theme: Cross-industry Collaborations (CIC)
The primary goal is to bring together professionals from Energy and Medicine to transfer knowledge and share challenges. We believe that the solution to your problem may well be in ‘’The Other Guy’s Toolkit’’. We aim to boost the innovation process between the medical and energy field and that this conference will lead to joint projects. 

Conference speakers
The speakers are leading experts within Energy, Medicine, Aerospace, Technology and Engineering.

Call for abstracts
The dead-line for abstract submission is June 20, 2018.

About the organizers
The main organizer is Norway Pumps & Pipes. Supported by University of Stavanger, Stavanger University Hospital, IRIS, and Greater Stavanger. This is the 1st Norway Pumps & Pipes Conference, and is an adaptation of the Pumps & Pipes Houston Conference series.
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Program day 1

Moderator: TBA
October 17
08:00-09:00   Registration and coffee
Opening of conference
09:00-09:10   Opening and welcome by Thor  Ole Gulsrud
Keynote inspiration
09:10-09:40   Keynote speaker 1 - TBA
NP&P scientific work on cross-industry collaboration
09:40-10:00   Presentation 1 - TBA
10:00-10:20   Presentation 2 - TBA
10:20-10:40   Coffee break & mingling
10:40-11:00   Presentation 3 - TBA
11:00-11.20   Presentation 4 - TBA
11:20-11:40   Presentation 5 - TBA
11:40-12:00   Presentation 6 - TBA
12:00-13:00   Lunch
Keynote inspiration
13:00-13:30   Keynote 2 - TBA
NP&P Challenges from Energy to Medicine, or vice versa
13:30-13:50   Presentation 7 - TBA
13:50-14:10   Presentation 8 - TBA
14:10-14:30   Presentation 9 - TBA
14:30-14:50   Presentation 10 - TBA
14:50-15:10   Coffee break & mingling
15:10-15:30   Presentation 11 - TBA
15:30-15:50   Presentation 12 - TBA
NP&P poster session
16:00-17:30   Poster session
19:00-23:00  Dinner



Program Day 2

Moderator: TBA
October 18
Opening day 2
08:45-08:55   Opening of day 2 by Thor Ole Gulsrud
Keynote inspiration
08:55-09:25   Keynote 3 - TBA
09:25-09:45   Presentation 13 - TBA  
09:45-10:05   Presentation 14 - TBA
10:05-10:25   Presentation 15 - TBA
10:25-10:45   Presentation 16 - TBA
10:45-11:05   Coffee break & mingling
11:05-11:25   Presentation 17 - TBA
11:25-11:45   Presentation 18 - TBA
11:45-11:55   Summary and concluding remarks
12:00-13:00   Lunch



Registration Norway Pumps & Pipes Conference

October 17-18. Call for abstracts: June 20

Please fill in your information.
First name*
Last name*
Dinner October 17*
Accomodation at Hotel (to be announced)

Abstract submission instructions

The dead-line for abstract submission is June 20, 2018. Authors will be notified of acceptance of their contributions and the type of presentation (oral or poster) by August 24, 2018 (subject to changes). Submitted short abstracts will be subject to peer-review by the Scientific Committee of the conference. Accepted contributions will be presented either as oral presentations or posters according to the decision of the Scientific Committee and the Paper Chairs. All accepted short abstracts (250 words) will be published in the Abstract Book subject to the author’s confirmation of presenting the paper and registering as a paid delegate.

Authors of accepted short abstracts have the option to indicate whether they wish to publish their work as extended abstracts (500-1500 words) in the Abstract Book. Deadline for submission of extended abstracts is September 28, 2018 and detailed information on the submission of extended abstracts will be distributed together with the decision letter.

If you have any questions with the submission process, please contact the conference secretary by email

Abstract theme
The abstract should be related to one of these themes:
  • Scientific work on cross-industry (Medicine and Energy) collaboration.
  • Scientific work within Energy or Medicine.
  • Presentation of challenge(s) from Energy to Medicine, or vice versa.

The title should use sentence case with the first letter uppercase and subsequent letter lowercase with exception of proper nouns or acronyms and, should not exceed 15 words.
The title should clearly define the topic.

Authors and Affiliations 
The compulsory details are: First name and Last name, Affiliation (organization), Country, Please indicate only one author as the presenter.

Body of the abstract 
The maximum length of the abstract is 250 words, and the limit relates to the actual text of the abstract. The abstract must be written in English. Please do not include any pictures or graphics.

Terms and conditions 
In submitting an abstract all presenters agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • I confirm that each author / presenter listed agree with the content of this abstract and has given permission to be listed as an author / presenter.
  • I have checked the accuracy of the information and referencing within this abstract.
  • I understand that should my abstract be accepted for presentation, I am required to complete a conference registration. I understand that my abstract will not be published until my registration and full payment has been received.
  • I hereby provide permission for the Organizers and the Scientific Committee of the Congress to publish my abstract in the Abstract Book and on the Conference website
  • I understand that my abstract will be published, if accepted, as submitted and that no editing to grammar or spelling will be undertaken by the Scientific Committee.


Upload and submit your abstract here

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Upload abstract - deadline June 20
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