The Norwegian Minister of Health, Bent Høie, speaks at Pumps & Pipes Norway 2018. Photo: Nashater Deu Solheim.


Norwegian Minister of Health, Bent Høie, gave a thumbs up to the interdisciplinary collaboration. “Pumps and Pipes is a simple and beautiful idea. But it also requires a lot of hard work. I am impressed with the projects that have been presented here over these two days,” the minister said.

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Presentations at Pumps & Pipes Norway 2018
Pumps & Pipes Norway 2018 had exciting presentations spanning from simulations inside the human body to systems and methods for technology innovations.
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Norway Pumps & Pipes at "Forsker Standup"

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Pumps & Pipes Norway 2018
IGNITING TECHNOLOGY TRANSFERS: This new conference is an innovation platform where professionals of diverse technical background can share knowledge, challenges and methods as a driver for innovation and value creation.
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Norway Pumps & Pipes project presented in NRK TV
Every year, 30,000 Norwegian patients are being examined for dangerous narrow blood vessels. Now, doctors will use technology from the oil industry to prevent cardiac arrest.
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Medical and oil & gas innovate together
Norway Pumps & Pipes and Statoil Technology Innovation arranged a workshop for scientists and professionals from medical and oil & gas. A challenge from both fields was presented and the participants discussed and presented possible technology transfers and innovations across medical and oil & gas. This is the first time such a workshop was hosted by an industrial company in Norway.
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Norway Pumps & Pipes presentation at Pumps & Pipes 11 in Houston
Educate, communicate, collaborate, innovate. That is the stated goal of Pumps & Pipes, the day-long conference that celebrated its 11th year at the TMC Innovation Institute. As last year, Norway Pumps & Pipes was on the agenda.
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Norway Pumps & Pipes projects in Norsk olje & gass Technology Transfers 2017
This is the second report from the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association to present examples of transfer of technology and innovations from oil & gas to other sectors. A total of 26 cases document how technology developed for use in the petroleum sector is also being applied to create new and better products in other industries, new commercial activity and new jobs. Five of the 26 cases are projects funded by Norway Pumps & Pipes.
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Presentation of Norway Pumps & Pipes at NACC December Lunc'n Learn

This Lunch’n Learn will feature Dr. Thor Ole Gulsrud, Head of Department, Department of Quality and Health Technology at the University of Stavanger, as speaker. Dr. Gulsrud will present Norway Pumps & Pipes, a platform for the transfer of technology, competence, and methods between petroleum and health, as a driver for innovation and value creation.

Pumps & Pipes 12 in Houston

The annual Pumps & Pipes Houston conference will be arranged Monday December 3 2018 at Houston Methodist Research Institute. The registration is now open: Pumps & Pipes 12 registration.
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