Stavanger University Hospital has received financial support from the Ministry of Health and Care Services to establish Norway Pumps & Pipes:
  • Provide a platform for transfer of technology, competence, and methods between petroleum and health, as a driver for innovation and value creation.
  • Strengthen education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
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teknologioverf%c3%b8ringer norsk olje og gass
Norway Pumps & Pipes projects in Norsk olje & gass Technology Transfers 2017
This is the second report from the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association to present examples of transfer of technology and innovations from oil & gas to other sectors. A total of 26 cases document how technology developed for use in the petroleum sector is also being applied to create new and better products in other industries, new commercial activity and new jobs. Five of the 26 cases are projects funded by Norway Pumps & Pipes.
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teknisk ukeblad ekstra
Norway Pumps & Pipes in Teknisk Ukeblad

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Tidewave receives 1 million NOK from the Research Council of Norway
The Research Council of Norway has granted 22 million NOK to 22 STUD-ENT projects from 10 different universities in Norway, and Tidewave is amongst the 22 projects.
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excitus ska 0051 (002)
Using technology to help paramedics save lives
Stavanger-based Excitus are developing a potentially life-saving tool for clearing the respiratory system of cardiac arrest victims. A science partnership with University of Stavanger could provide the final piece of the puzzle.
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lunsjseminar 24 3 17 bilde1
Norway Pumps & Pipes: VR can help elderly patients
Virtual Reality (VR) in treatment of elderly patients with chronic illnesses was the topic at the second of three Norway Pumps & Pipes lunch seminars this spring.
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Visualization solutions from the oil industry can be used in our new hospital
Visualization solutions for the new hospital in Stavanger was the topic at the first of three lunch seminars this spring at “Måltidets Hus”. The aim of the seminars is to share results and knowledge from Norway Pumps & Pipes projects.
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Norway Pumps & Pipes at Nordic Edge Expo 2017

Norway Pumps & Pipes will be present at Nordic Edge Expo 2017. Please come and visit us at stand E25 (Nordic Edge Expo Floor Plan).
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