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pumps and pipes 2020
Norway Pumps & Pipes at Pumps and Pipes 20|20 Vision
This year's annual Pumps & Pipes Symposium is fully virtual. Norway Pumps & Pipes is on the agenda for this exiciting webinar.
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Ny teknologi og beslutningstøtte i helsesektoren - hva kan vi lære av oljeindustrien?
Hvordan kan vi sikre gode beslutninger i pasientbehandling, og sørge for solide oppfølgingssystemer for teknologi brukt i behandling? Tid: 03.03.2020 fra kl. (11.30) 12.00 - 15.00 Sted: Måltidets Hus, møterom "Hos Ingrid"
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Norway Pumps & Pipes and Equinor Technology Innovation Challenge Workshop
Norway Pumps & Pipes together with Equinor Technology Innovation arranged a professional workshop, where the aim was to bring together groups of professionals, who may not otherwise can interact, to transfer knowledge and technologies across industries.
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nee og npp
Norway Pumps & Pipes at Nordic Edge Expo 2019
Norway Pumps & Pipes hosted a session on Thursday 26th September at Nordic Edge Expo 2019.
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Presentations at Pumps & Pipes Norway 2018
Pumps & Pipes Norway 2018 had exciting presentations spanning from simulations inside the human body to systems and methods for technology innovations.
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thor ole gulsrud forsker standup 2017 3
Norway Pumps & Pipes at "Forsker Standup"

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ffr nrk 1
Norway Pumps & Pipes project presented in NRK TV
Every year, 30,000 Norwegian patients are being examined for dangerous narrow blood vessels. Now, doctors will use technology from the oil industry to prevent cardiac arrest.
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bilde 1 npp og statoil 230102018
Medical and oil & gas innovate together
Norway Pumps & Pipes and Statoil Technology Innovation arranged a workshop for scientists and professionals from medical and oil & gas. A challenge from both fields was presented and the participants discussed and presented possible technology transfers and innovations across medical and oil & gas. This is the first time such a workshop was hosted by an industrial company in Norway.
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Åpen møte: Ny teknologi og beslutningstøtte i helsesektoren - hva kan vi lære av oljeindustrien?

Åpent møte i Måltidets Hus, møterom "Hos Ingrid", 03.03.2020 kl 1130-1500. For mer informasjon: Se under Hot Topics